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The Wonderful World of Dissocia

by Anthony Neilson

5th to 12th December 2015

Lisa's watch isn't an hour slow, LISA IS!

As the strange little Freudian Swiss watchmaker explains, when Lisa flew from New York to London with British Airways, there was a two hour delay with a five hour time difference. As she crossed the Greenwich Meridian, British Summertime ended and the clocks went back. Lisa never got her hour back. To restore balance to her life she MUST find her missing hour.

The Wonderful World of Dissocia is, a road trip down the rabbit hole of our heroine’s mind. Lisa suffers from Dissociative Disorder, a mental illness that requires long term constant medication. Without this intervention Lisa retreats into her fantasy world. As our heroine embarks on her quest to retrieve her AWOL hour she descends to the land of Dissocia. Lisa soon discovers there is a war raging across the realm. A war between the Dissocians’ displaced Queen Sarah and the Black Dog King, a close relative of those terrifying beasts that Winston Churchill strove so hard to escape. Which of these two primal forces in this wonderland will ultimately prevail? Will it be the dark forces of the Black Dog of depression that eventually rule over The Wonderful World of Dissocia? Or will the Queen and her valiant followers be victorious?

Lisa's anarchic adventures are irreverently hilarious and maniacally funny: full of crazy jokes, crazy songs and even crazier characters. These include self-conscious twitching in-security guards, a ritual-addicted bureaucrat known as the Oathtaker and his attendants, a real live potty-mouthed scapegoat with a violent streak, a tarty hotdog stall proprietor surrounded by eccentric neurotics and Jane, a council employee who drives a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang style car and is a professional victim. 

Everyone involved is helping to create an exceptional theatrical experience. I promise it will be a rewarding evening spent at the GWT and one that will stay with you for some time to come.