The GWT Committees

There are two committees looking
after different aspects of our theatre:

The Drama Committee

The Drama Committee are six elected GWT members who are responsible for our creative programme, putting together a vibrant and diverse season of productions that everyone can enjoy. Every year, the Drama Committee selects the plays we present, allocates and monitors budgets and ensures that our standards are maintained. Each member can serve on the committee for 2 years and stand for re-election once. Therefore, each member can only serve for four consecutive years. After a year, they may stand again for another potential four years.

The Club Committee

The Club Committee are an elected group of GWT members, responsible for the day-to-day running of our theatre. They ensure our productions proceed smoothly and that our audience members have a safe and enjoyable experience. They are responsible for:

  • Promoting and administering GWT club membership and maintaining good communication with club members.
  • Publicising the theatre.
  • Promoting equal opportunities and easy access for everyone.
  • Managing our stage and backstage facilities.
  • Managing our bar, coffee bar and box office.
  • Arranging Front of House management during performances.
  • Appointing volunteers to supervise the theatre’s various departments.
  • Determining ticket prices, membership subscriptions, bar and coffee bar tariffs.
  • Ensuring that the theatre is regularly cleaned and all necessary repairs and maintenance are carried out.
  • Approving small to medium scale expenditure.
  • Making recommendations to the GWT Trustees on items of major expenditure.
    Ensuring that all relevant legislation is adhered to.
  • Producing a wide range policies and guidance, and reviewing their implementation.
  • Liaising with the Drama Committee on aspects such as health and safety and appointing heads of departments.

Members serve for two years and can offer themselves for re-election at the Club AGM. The Club Committee meet monthly, debriefing after every production so any issues can be quickly identified and solved.