The GWT Trustees

The GWT Trustees are the Board of Directors of the Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre Limited, which is a charity. They ensure that the charity’s objectives are met, namely, in the words of our Constitution:

“to promote, maintain, improve and advance public education artistic taste in and appreciation of the arts in the London Borough of Bexley and the neighbourhood, including the arts of dance, drama, music and singing and withn such objects make particular provision for educational and community programmes for the benefit of the public”

The Trustees meet once a month and devolve specific responsibilities and duties to the Drama and Club Committees. These committees are responsible to the Trustees and all proceedings of these committees are fully and regularly reported in writing. The Trustees check the theatre’s finances every month and make decisions about major capital expenditure and/or where best to invest our theatre’s money. They are accountable to the Charity Commission for ensuring that there is public benefit from the activities of the charity.

There are nine Trustees who retire by rotation, but are eligible for re-election. They are elected by the Company membership (Club members of two years standing may apply to become a Company member). Each Company member undertakes a contribution of £10 to the charity’s assets should it be wound up. You can see the list of our current Trustees printed in your programme for each production.

Annually, the Trustees produce a written report which is shared to all Company members. The work of the Trustees is reported and discussed at their AGM and audited accounts are also presented at the Company AGM.

If you would like to know more about how the Company and GWT Trustees operate, a copy of our ‘Memorandum of Association of Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre Limited’ is available from the Company Secretary.