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Private Peaceful

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Directed by
Katie Webster

Auditioning 10th July 2022, 1.00pm

Watch director Katie Webster introduce this production at our 2022/23 Live Season Launch.

Production synopsis Private Tommo Peaceful, an ordinary boy from rural Devon, prepares for the Battle of the Somme.

On a night that could be his last, Tommo looks back over his life – almost eighteen years of it. He remembers the adventures with his hero, his big brother Charlie; the accident in the forest that killed their father; the halcyon days spent with the love of his life, Molly; and the injustices of war that have seen his short life torn apart. We see the senselessness of war and the bravery of those “ordinary” boys in the lower ranks, who deserved – and didn’t get – to live long and happy lives. As Tommo counts the hours down to dawn, he invites us into a story of love, loss and, somehow, hope.

Production Style and Physical Requirements

This will be a stylistic production requiring a high energy cast. The majority of you will be multi-roling, so physical and vocal diversity will be key.

The set will be multi level and actors will need to navigate this quickly and easily. There will also be plenty of physical scenes within the school yard, the battlefield, crowd scenes etc., so please be prepared to throw yourself about a bit!


Whilst I do not have any concrete plans for live music, please do let me know if you are able to play any musical instruments, particularly stringed instruments.


This is a true ensemble production and I will be setting an early “books down” date to ensure we can pin down the moves. You need to move as a well-oiled machine and this will only come if you know exactly what you’re doing – and what everyone else is doing too! It will also be vital that you avoid conflicting commitments/holidays, so please declare them ahead of the auditions to see if we can work around them.

I will be following the standard Monday, Wednesday, Friday rehearsal schedule with some Sundays (incl. Single and Double Run). Rehearsals “proper” will be starting on Monday 12th September. I will be arranging a read through in late August/ early September prior to the rehearsal period “proper” starting.

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Mr Munnings – Tommo and Charlie's bad tempered head teacher. "Soft" Devonshire accent required. Will double as Sergeant "Horrible" Hanley, the Pilot and Ensemble. Lots of contrast needed from this actor. Playing age 40s.

The Pilot – The good-natured Pilot that Tommo, Charlie and Molly meet as children. RP accent. Will double as Sergeant "Horrible" Hanley, Mr Munnings and Ensemble. Lots of contrast needed from this actor. Playing age 40s.

Sergeant "Horrible" Hanley – The horrible sergeant in charge of Tommo and Charlie in army training and then France. After Charlie disobeys his orders to protect Tommo, Hanley sends Charlie to be court marshalled. Will double as Mr Munnings, the Pilot and Ensemble. Lots of contrast needed from this actor.

James Peaceful – Tommo, Charlie and Big Joe's father. Dies in an accident in front of Tommo. Appears in a fleeting memory. "Soft" Devonshire accent required. Will double as Captain Wilkes and Ensemble. Playing age 30s/40s.

Please note that not all parts are shown above; there are plenty of orderlies, guards, soldiers, school children, crowds, customers, estaminet staff, movement and prop/furniture moving to keep everyone very busy…!