Ready to face Front of House Management?

We spoke to Richard Percival, head of our FOH team, to find our more.

What is involved in your department?

As the Front of House manager, you arrive early to make sure everything is in place for the show to go on, checking everything is present and correct in all areas – dressing rooms, lighting box, box office, studio, bar and coffee bar, as well as the auditorium and car park. Then, it’s time to meet and greet as you welcome everyone to our lovely theatre. At the appropriate times, you open and close the house, usher the audience in, and let the stage manager know that they are good to go!

Why do you love about Front of House at the GWT?

I love the interaction with the audience before, during, and after the show. It is lovely to receive thanks from the audience for another enjoyable evening as they say goodnight.

What is your best GWT Front of House memory or experience?

Strangely, I most remember a chaotic night when lots of people, cast and audience, arrived late because of very bad traffic. With everyone pulling together, the show was able to start only a little late, with further latecomers slipping quietly into their seats. Crisis averted!

What would you say to anyone wanting to get involved in Front of House management at the GWT?

The Front of House manager role is a very responsible job as you have to take charge in the event of any emergency. However, it is also sociable and generally quite straightforward! And there is great pleasure in being an important part of what is a wonderful theatre that brings great enjoyment to so many people.

8 Front of House managers are required for every show! Could you be one of them? Let us know here

"How do you do? He's got a firm handshake, hasn't he? Fantastic."

Abigail's Party, Mike Leigh