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Author Title No. of copies
L Leycester, W Weaver Rising Generation 13
Jean Webster Daddy Long-Legs 18
John Webster White Devil 14
Fay Weldon Words Of Advice 7
Oscar Wilde Importance Of Being Earnest & Others 6
Thornton Wilder Happy Journey 7
Charles Wilkinson Lo! The Star! 18
Emlyn Williams Thinking Aloud 3
Tennessee Williams Period Of Adjustment 11
Margaret Wood Parochial Problems 9
W B Yeats Sketches from High Spirits 7
A Sachs, R Dennis Melodramas 5
John Scholes Space Between The Years 5
Seamark Ole In The Road 4
Charles H Sellars As With Gladness… 22
William Shakespeare Measure for Measure 7
George Bernard Shaw Man Of Destiny 10
Richard Brinsley Sheridan School for Scandal 8
Hazel Simmonds Committee Meeting 8
N F Simpson One Way Pendulum 16
Phyllis Stone Singing Shepherd 16
Tom Stoppard Real Inspector Hound 7
Dan Sutherland Six Miniatures 3
Peter Terson Zigger Zagger and Mooney And His Caravans 11
Dylan Thomas Under Milk Wood 9
Sue Townsend Great Celestial Cow 4
Ben Travers After You With the Milk 6
William Trevor Marriages 3
Ivan Turgenev Month In The Country 14
Richard Tydeman Thistle in Donkey Field 9
Peter Ustinov Romanoff And Juliet 11
Joan Ware Strikers 12
Keith Waterhouse, Willis Hall Celebration 15
David E Rowley In Need of Care 5
Roy Russell Women On View 10
Royce Ryton Anastasia File 5
Andre Obey Frost at Midnight 10
John Osborne Luther 12
Armitage Owen None So Blind 6
Derek Parkes Different Worlds  5
du Garde L Peach Charcoal-Burner’s Son 10
M Pertwee, R Pertwee Baby-Sitters 8
Winifred Phelps Temptation Sordid or Virtue Rewarded 6
June Pierson Vital Statistics 9
Arthur Wing Pinero Dandy Dick 13
Harold Pinter Dumb Waiter 3
Luigi Pirandello Six Characters in Search of an Author 20
Jack Popplewell Careful Rapture 7
J B Priestley When We Are Married 16
John Purves Clouded Star 7
Terence Rattigan Winslow Boy 23
et al, Ready Stuart I Want To Be An Actor 5
W Graham Robertson Archibald 11
Falkland L Cary, Philip King Sailor Beware 9
Arthur Lovegrove Just Another Day 6
Kay Macaulife Red Letter Day 6
Margaret Macnamara I Have Five Daughters 15
Arthur Macrae Living For Pleasure 6
Nevil Malin Let’s Be Devils 6
Miles Malleson Bet 5
Lynda Marchal With All My Love I Hate You 3
Frank Marcus Blind Date 3
Christopher Marlowe Edward The Second 16
Joyce F Martins Rosemary For Remembrance 10
Marcelle Maurette Recognition Scene From Anastasia 3
Norman McKinnel Bishop’s Candlesticks 6
Maurice McLoughlin Letter From The Generall 10
Alan Melville Simon And Laura 12
A A Milne Toad Of Toad Hall 11
Molière Miser 16
Elaine Morgan Soldier and the Woman 5
T B Morris Night on the Hill 8
John Mortimer Dock Brief 3
Maureen Nield Do Me a Favour 6
Josephina Niggli Sunday Costs Five Pesos 6
Richard Harris Outside Edge 10
Elizabeth Hart Where Angels Fear to Tread 10
Hastings Bonaventura 13
Ian Hay Crimson Coconut 5
A P Herbert Two Gentlemen of Soho 9
Pentland Hick Emperor Godiva 7
Derek Hickman George 10
Doris Hilliard Magic Toaster 10
Francis Hoffman Play for Four Women 5
Norman Holland Second Easter 8
Nina Hooke Festival Nightmare 9
Bob Hoskins All For The Nation 4
Stanley Houghton Dear Departed 7
Maurice Hussey Chester Mystery Plays 20
Henrik Ibsen Ghosts  14
Christopher Isherwood On the Frontier 12
Douglas Jackson Pantomime Play  21
W W Jacobs Monkey’s Paw 6
Gertrude Jennings Olympian 6
Helen Jerome Jane Eyre 21
Philip Johnson World Without Men 8
Michael Kilgarriff Three More Melodramas 7
R F Delderfield Home is the Hunted 6
Joyce Dennys Sleeping Beauty 12
Charles Dickens Christmas Carol 22
John Dighton Happiest Days Of Your Life 10
Thomas Doran Light is Come 17
Ashley Dukes Dumb Wife Of Cheapside 9
Francis Durbridge House Guest 10
Charles Dyer Rattle Of A Simple Man 4
T S Eliot Murder In The Cathedral  15
Seamus Fail Devil His Due 10
Georges Feydeau Better Late 5
Leonard Francquen Man About Town 6
Michael Frayn Copenhagen 3
Christopher Fry Boy With A Cart 24
F Coleman, J Gardiner Bad Day At Black Frog Creek 10
Henri Gheon Christmas In The Market-Place 6
Nikolai Gogol Government Inspector 8
Peggy Gower All On A Saturday Morning 8
Michael Green Coarse Acting Show 2 12
Lady Gregory Spreading The News 11
Willis Hall Railwayman’s New Clothes 5
Capek And So Ad Infinitum (The Life of Insects) 8
Paul-Vincent Carroll Shadow and Substance 11
Falkland L Cary, Philip King Wife Required 7
Falkland L Cary Husbands Supplied 9
A C Cawley Every Man and Medieval Miracle Plays 12
Charles, Toy Murder at the Vicarage 10
Gwyn Clark Anyone For Tennis? 5
D Climie, P Myers Intimacy At Eight-Thirty 6
Peter Coke Breath of Sprung 6
M Constanduros Family Group 7
D Constanduros, M Constanduros Short and Sweet 8
C R Cook Cinderalfred or the Silvern Boot 5
Noël Coward Ways And Means 10
Constance Cox Vampire or The Bride of Death  10
M Creagh-Henry Victory of the Cross 8
John Crocker Potty Pantomime 9
Thomas Cruden Doll and the Marquis 8
Roald Dahl Charlie And The Chocolate Factory 14
John Davidson Brontes of Haworth Parsonage 11
Shelagh Delaney Taste of Honey 6
W H Auden Ascent of F6 12
Alan Ayckbourn Ten Times Table 11
Edna Baker True Story of Good King Wenceslas 10
J M Barrie Twelve-Pound Look 5
John Barton Hollow Crown 3
Samuel Beckett Krapp’s Last Tape and Embers 2
Aphra Behn Rover 15
Alan Bennett, et al Beyond The Fringe 6
Kenneth Bird Nun’s Tale 10
Ian-Stuart Black Nothing Legal 9
Ursula Bloom One Wedding, Two Brides 8
Robert Bolt Thwarting Of Baron Bolligrew 28
George Orwell, Neslon Bond Animal Farm 13
Elizabeth Bowen Nativity Play 15
A Bradley, M Bond Adventures Of A Bear Called Paddington 9
Michael Bradley-Dyne Right Honourable Gentleman 15
Joan Brampton King’s Way 8
Harold Brighouse Hobson’s Choice 13
Brian J Burton Murder of Maria Marten or The Red Barn 14
David Campton What Are You Doing Here? 12
Edward Albee Zoo Story 3
Jean Anouilh Ring Round the Moon 7
John Arden Serjeant Musgrave’s Dance 14