A Doll's House

by Henrik Ibsen


Alexander Catto Torvald Helmer, a lawyer
Suzanne Orviss Nora, his wife
John Measures Dr. Rank
Lesley Robins Mrs. Linde
Ken Miller Nils Krogstad, also a lawyer
Thelma Lott Nurse, Anne-Marie
Judith Bantock Maid, Helen
Victoria Watts Child
Gavin Watts Child
Toby Masson Child


David Roberts Directed by
Cliff Jenkinson Stage Manager
Mary Cant Assistant Stage Manager
Peter French Set Design
Harry Dunphy Clerk of Works
Simon Bodenham Lighting
Phil Hedges Lighting
Bob Mersh Sound
David Roberts Costume
Deborah Witherow Wardrobe
Ann McKenna Properties
Julie Burton Tarantella choreographed by
Mavis Dunphy Children's costumes made by

The Watsons

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Two and The Rose & Crown

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Nell Gwynn

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