“I don’t much care for theatre but I do enjoy Vaudeville”

Anton Chekhov

Directed by
Lesley Robins

These delightful pieces offer fun opportunities for at least two men and two women, ideally more. The characters are rich in variety, humour and idiosyncrasies. Depending on the outcome of auditions, I will be looking at flexible casting with actors probably playing at least two roles.   I am looking to the actors to bring colour, energy and vivacity to the stage.

There will be no interval so an early night for all, leaving plenty of time to visit the bar!

Below you can watch an interview with director Lesley Robins on this production.


Pavel Vasilyevich – A well known writer, suave, witty, a little world weary. Any age.

Murashkina – A lady with literary ambitions, loud, over the top, gushing – a pretty useless playwright. Any age.

Svetlovidov – An ageing actor, very fond of his own voice, very ‘stagey’.

Nikita – Svetlovidov's prompt – this part will be played by a woman. She knows Svetlovidov well, (Think ‘The Dresser’), so a wee bit cynical – has she seen all this before?

Chubukov – A landowner, father of Natalya. A ‘Hail fellow well met’ kind of guy, but also a tough customer – suspicious. Keen to get his daughter married off.

Natalya – Also a landowner, fairly young, very feisty, eager to marry the right man.

Lomov – Chubukov’s neighbour. A dreadful hypochondriac. Wants to marry Natalya. We soon see what kind of marriage it’s going to be!


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