“I'd rather walk in blood than walk a slave for he your emperor.”

Directed by
Jennifer Sims

Interested in auditioning for this production? Fill out your online audition form here. Please note, you only need to submit one form which includes all roles you are interested in across the 2024-25 season.

Production Synopsis Boudica is a huge epic play, with strong roles for women and men and exciting opportunities for everyone in the cast to be part of the ensemble, with sword and fist fights, and major battles.

I am looking for a cast who will enjoy the scale and the pace of this story, who will be prepared to move out of their comfort zone to explore the physicality of the action as well as the power of the words.

We will work on a stylised approach that will match the emotional intensity of the writing.

There are no small parts. All of the cast with the exception of Boudica, Alonna and Blodwynn, will play several roles and all will take part in the battle scenes.

In preparing for audition think about how you can express character and action physically as well as vocally.

Please note that some male roles can be played by women.


Cunobeline – Playing age of 40s - 60s. King of the Trinovantes, a wise warrior.

Centurion 1 – To be doubled.

Gunnervik – To be doubled.

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