“If this house could speak...”

Directed by
Danny Waters

Auditioning 13.00, 30th June 2024.


Interested in auditioning for this production? Fill out your online audition form here. Please note, you only need to submit one form which includes all roles you are interested in across the 2024-25 season.

Production Synopsis This play is a superb opportunity to showcase female talent and work with a script that is truly ensemble.

I need a small and strong, tight knight group of female actors to deliver this important and ensemble play. The play is set in Bradford so please bring your best Bradford accent to the audition. There are six women, five are from the same family and one stranger.

  • Mary – playing age 60 – 70 (age in script 64), widow of Ray Dixon.
  • Briana – playing age 40 – 50 (age in script 46), daughter of Ray Dixon.
  • Julie – playing age 37 – 47 (age in script 43) first daughter of Mary and Ray Dixon.
  • Bernie – playing age 35 – 45 (age in script 41) second daughter of Mary and Ray Dixon.
  • Ella – playing age 18 – 24 (age in script 21), daughter of Bernie.
  • Leigh – playing age 25-35 (age in script mid-twenties), Mary’s new friend from prison.

This is an ensemble piece but if there was a lead I would say Mary probably has the largest word count. All the women have a story to tell and their ‘moment’.

The play is set in the family home, picture a doll’s house with the front wall removed, and the action takes place in all of the rooms and often at the same time. So if you are not in a speaking scene you may be acting in one of the other rooms.

This is an emotional play that tackles sensitive issues around domestic and sexual abuse and will need to handled with deep insight, respect and care.The dialogue is vivid and raw but is also is littered with many lighter and humorous moments which allow us, the audience, to connect and relate to all the characters as the play unfolds.

As the author has intended we plan to run the 90 minute play without an interval which will hold the audiences attention and sustain the tension that builds throughout until the devastating reveal near the end.

I am planning to rehearse on the usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings unless there is any reason that the cast would prefer a different set up.

I do hope you can join me for the audition on Sunday 30th at 1pm.


Mary Dixon – 60 - 70 (age in script 64).
Mary is the matriarch of the family. Hardened and bitter from her time in prison. Angry and cold. Externally she is strong, fierce, in control but internally we suspect she is crumbling. She is damaged. Harboring a life long secret about her husband Ray Dixon that is eating away at her from the inside. The study of her relationship with her different daughters is complex and layered and hugely challenging for this actress.

Briana – 40 - 50 (age in script 46).
Daughter of Ray Dixon and stepdaughter of Mary. Again fierce, strong, and a force to be reckoned with. Dominates every scene vocally. She has suffered years of abuse from her late father Ray Dixon but has recently immersed herself in a series of self-help courses and is now ouzing confidence and offering life coaching to all around her. She has returned to the house to continue to press Mary on her silence around the abuse suffered in the house. A firecracker of a performance.

Julie – 37 - 47 (age in script 43).
First born daughter of Mary and Ray Dixon Julie is damaged. Abused by her father and now suffering at the hands of her abusive husband. She is a nervous wreck. A shell of the former self she never had the chance to become. She has taken refuge in Mary’s house and clearly has turned again to drink to numb her down-trodden life. A multi-layered character requiring an important, well observed and sensitive interpretation from this actress without delivering a easy cliche version.

Bernie – 35 - 45 (age in script 41).
Second daughter of Mary and Ray Dixon Bernie appears to have escaped the abuse. She is strong and has made a better life for herself and her daughter Ella. Whilst we know she is living a more normalized and balanced life she has a connection to her mother and sisters that she cannot move a way from. Her domestic bubble is burst towards the end of the play when the family secret is revealed and this offers this actress the opportunity to deliver a powerful and emotional performance.

Ella – 18 - 24 (age in script 21).
Ella is safe. She has a good home and lives a comfortable life. She has a quiet assured confidence and seems mature for her age. She is educated and has ambition. She is very fond of Mary, her Nana and whilst she is surrounded by this dysfunctional family, she seems happy to accept them, be with them and be comfortable within their company. Ella’s ‘moment’ also comes late in then play when the family secret is revealed.

Leigh – 25-35 (age in script mid-twenties).
Not from Bradford - London accent. Leigh is a fellow inmate that Mary befriended when in prison. Leigh has suffered a lifetime of abuse and neglect. She has turned to alcohol and drug abuse and misuse during her short life and needs saving. She is hard, razor-sharp, violent and has no social skills and no filter. She is a product of a society that has let her slip through the next and fall to the bottom of the pile and would be labelled today as from the ‘underclass’.

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