“I followed nature into her lair, and stripped her of her secrets! I brought torrents of light to a darkening world! Is that wrong?”

Directed by
Danny Waters

We have the exciting opportunity to present Nick Dear’s Frankenstein. This remarkable story from 18 year old Mary Shelley was written some 200 years ago and yet still to this day fascinates people both young and old.

I am a new director to the GWT, and I am from the local theatre group Masquerade. I am joining you to produce a stunning piece of ensemble and cinematic theatre. This period Gothic Horror play, set in the late 1700’s, will be dripping in all that is Steam Punk and will be a spectacular visual feast. The play is deeply dark and looks at the very human story of both Mary Shelley’s Creature and The Creature’s creator – Victor Frankenstein.

There are some fantastic opportunities here to showcase your design and technical talents; costume, wig and make-up, lighting and sound, set and prop construction are all the skills needed to deliver this epic and fantastical piece of period Gothic theatre.

For our actors there are two iconic leading roles. Frankenstein’s creature will be strong in stature and will need to be extremely physical in his animalistic and twisted movement. His speech will be equally challenging as we watch him develop and learn how to articulate throughout the play.

The character of Victor Frankenstein is complex, tormented and twisted and this actor needs to deliver and sustain a strong and enigmatic vocal and physical performance throughout.

Supporting and wrapping around these two central characters are some beautifully crafted supporting and cameo roles that make the play the powerhouse that it is. These integral roles form a superb ensemble team, and like a newly invented steam locomotive, will powerfully drive the play forward.

So climb on board this noisy, brutal, sensory, disturbing and very human play and discover just why Shelley’s infamous story has resonated with so many for so long.

Below you can watch an interview with director Danny Waters on this production. You can also watch Danny’s original pitch for Frankenstein from our 2020 “Lockdown Launch”. (Please note that this video displays the original 2021 production dates).

A few rehearsals will only focus on the principal characters as they share some big scenes together but mostly rehearsals will be fun for all. I often incorporate ensemble cast members into scenes that you had no idea you were in and I like to build the stage picture where I can with additional characters (not just those scripted) to give depth and realism to the locality of a setting. Whilst this is a serious play, there will be a lot of fun in the rehearsal room creating the movement and clever transitions the production requires.

Please state on your audition slip whether you can play and handheld instruments competently. If you are auditioning for the part of The Creature or The Female please state if you are prepared to play this naked or part naked.


Clarice – A mature lady, big in physic and big in character. Also needed as part of the ensemble.

All cameo roles will also double as ensemble and make up the townspeople throughout.

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