“An invigorating production which forces us to see Ibsen's masterpiece with fresh eyes”

The Guardian

Directed by
Melinda Hunt

Production synopsis “I’ve no talent for life.”

Just married. Buried alive. Hedda longs to be free…

The newly-married Hedda and George Tesman have just returned from their honeymoon and the relationship is already in trouble. A self-absorbed and very bored Hedda feels trapped but is determined to control those around her.

Hedda‘s scheming and manipulative behaviour causes catastrophic consequences for herself and for others. Ultimately, as her own world unravels, Hedda realises that there is only one way to be free.

Patrick Marber’s modern translation, premiered at the National Theatre in 2017 to great critical acclaim.

I am hoping that this is an opportunity for actors to work with me to really get inside the complex characters, therefore, I WILL be asking everyone to BE BOOK DOWN BEFORE REHEARSALS BEGIN. This should REDUCE REHEARSALS DURING CHRISTMAS /NEW YEAR WEEK so we can all enjoy the festive season.

Below you can watch an interview with director Melinda Hunt on this production. You can also watch Melinda’s original pitch for Hedda Gabler from our 2020 “Lockdown Launch”. (Please note that this video displays the original 2021 production dates).


Hedda Gabler – Principal part (mid to late 30s). Requires an actress who is able to move seamlessly between intelligent, unpredictable, manipulative and sometimes dishonest. A simmering performance.

George Tesman – Main part (30-40). Hedda’s husband; fresh faced, nicely spoken but not RP. Good looking but boring.

Juliana Tessman – Small part (50-60). Tesman’s Aunt: warm and affectionate, wears clothes with panache.

Judge Brack – Main part (40-50). Friend who is obsessed with Hedda; charismatic, confident, manipulative, worldly and cynical. Opportunity for an actor to play a nasty piece of work!

Ejlert Lövborg – Main part (Early 40s). Brilliant academic, Tesman’s rival: recovering alcoholic and drug addict; strong, emotional character.

Mrs Elvsted (Thea) – main part (30-40). In love with Lovborg; Nervous, shy and softly spoken. Preferably actress with long hair, preferably blonde, if not, the right actress would have to wear a wig. Wears high heels throughout.

Berte – Small part (50- 60). Housekeeper. Beautiful in an understated way. This is a small part but will be on stage throughout, watching!

All characters can be any ethnicity


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